Roof replacement or repairs are big investments in time and money for homeowners. So you should only hire the most qualified roofer in town. But how do you know who this is? As you do your research, look at things like reputation, years in business and customer reviews. Another important consideration is credentials, and one of the best – if not the best – in the construction industry is Platinum Preferred Contractor status from Owens Corning®.

Who is Owens Corning?

Owens Corning may not be a household name, but you may know it by Pink Panther. This cartoon character became the company’s logo for its fiberglass insulation used all over the world. If you look in your attic, chances are you’ll see the distinctive pink-colored insulation. Pink Panther’s face is everywhere in its advertising. Next time you see Pink Panther, especially on roofing materials packaging, you’ll think of Owens Corning!
In business since 1936, US-based Owens Corning is an industry-leading company and accepted worldwide as one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers of roofing materials. Its clever use of Pink Panther distinguishes it from the competition. Another way it differentiates itself in the marketplace is by its exclusive network of independent roofing contractors. Those on this list are prescreened to ensure they meet rigorous standards set by Owens Corning to use its products.

Ashco Exteriors is a Platinum Preferred Contractor and More!

Any contractor can use shingles and roofing materials by Owens Corning. But it’s the ones who meet stringent requirements to install its products that stand out from others. Ashco Exteriors is proud to join three of its select groups:

  • Platinum Preferred Contractor. We’ve been handpicked to be on Owens Corning preferred contractor list at the Platinum level, a notch above the rest. This means that on top of other great features, we can offer homeowners additional coverage on Owens Corning materials and labor, all designed to protect your investment. In addition, we’ve passed an installation workmanship inspection, a test to ensure flawless results for projects that use Owens Corning products.
  • Top of the House Certified. We know shingles inside and out, but it’s also important for us to be educated on other parts of the roofing system. This certification allows our technicians to advise on attic insulation and proper ventilation, two vital components that help increase energy efficiency throughout the home. For instance, adding attic insulation and out-take vents can lead to a significant reduction in heating and cooling costs. Learn more about ventilation systems: Protect Your Home Against Heat and Moisture Problems in the Attic..
  • Total Protection Roofing System. At Ashco Exteriors, we’re trained extensively in all aspects of Owens Corning roofing components, from underlayments and water-barrier products to in-take and out-take ventilation systems. All these things work together to create a high-performing roof that’ll provide years of comfortable conditions for those living beneath it.

What Does a Platinum Preferred Contractor Mean for Homeowners?

Homeowners can hire any local roofer to install Owens Corning shingles. These shingles are available at hardware stores. However, you may be surprised that you’re only offered a very limited warranty or none at all.
Alternatively, you can hire a local roofer from Owens Corning’s list of Platinum Preferred Contractors and have complete peace of mind. The exact same shingles are being used but with several benefits. For example, the company adheres to strict installation requirements by Owens Corning and can offer premium limited warranties. Rest assured that you’re working with skilled experts in the field who are educated, trained and tested.

Expect Exceptional Workmanship From Certified Professionals

Ashco Exteriors is very happy to be trade partners with Owens Corning. Its solid reputation and commitment to providing high-performing roof systems for homes are unbeatable. We believe our customers deserve the best – the best value for their money and the best service from the best in the industry. Contact us today for a free 7-point roof inspection.