Homeowners take for granted that their roofs are doing the job they’re supposed to do, that of protecting the house from the top down. Once roofs start showing signs of wear and tear from age or damage from storms, homeowners must make the tough decision of when to invest in a new roof or big repairs. With problems like leaks, sooner is definitely better than later.Some seasons such as spring and fall are better than others for this type of project. Yet, depending on what part of the country you live in, it can be done during the cold months. For example, Texans in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston areas enjoy relatively mild winters with infrequent snow and ice storms. In direct contrast, those living in the Midwest and Upper Midwest experience all four seasons with frequent snow and ice storms compounded by extreme cold.

Oftentimes, winter months have special issues when it comes to roof replacement or repairs. The good news is that it’s not impossible, especially when done by trained construction professionals.

Challenges with New Roof Installation or Fixes in Winter

No matter the season, roofing materials like shingles are affected by temperature and weather. The best-case scenario for adding a new roof in Dallas Texas or doing repairs is a warm, calm and dry day. But, if it’s a mild day in winter – and conditions are just right – new shingles can be installed successfully. There are, however, a few challenges.

  • Newly laid shingles need time to self-seal and form a protective barrier between the elements and the rest of the house. In hot temperatures, this process is expedited, but in cold temperatures, it takes a bit longer. Eventually, though, the shingles will lay flat and seal properly.
  • New shingles must be handled with extra care. Unlike hot shingles that become extremely pliable, cold shingles become brittle and inflexible. In this state, they can be easily damaged if bent, moved forcefully or fastened improperly by an incorrectly set nail compressor.

The key for homeowners needing roof replacement or repairs during the winter is to put your trust in a company like Aschco Exteriors.

Certified Roofing Experts In Dallas Texas at Your Service

At Aschco Exteriors, we’re skilled in the ins and outs of working with new shingles year round. We follow manufacturers’ specifications for shingle installation to the letter, keep up with best practices during cold weather and apply all required building codes.If you think your roof’s lifespan is coming to an end or serious damage needs attention, contact us for an evaluation. We’ll give you all the information you need to make informed decisions. To get started, take advantage of our free 7-point roof inspection today!