Our 7-Step Process

Roof replacement is a complex project, but our mission is to make it as simple as possible from the start. At Ashco Exteriors, we take the worry, hassle and confusion out of the equation.

Your dedicated service writer helps you navigate your roof replacement claim — meeting with your insurance adjuster, coordinating inspections and ensuring that nothing is overlooked – all the while answering any questions you may have along the way.

Ashco drafts a complete report indicating all damaged components of your home before the adjuster’s visit. This step allows adequate time to research any applicable building code requirements. It is during this time that we provide your insurance company with necessary details regarding your home’s replacement needs. When the adjuster arrives, we’ll be ready.


Property Inspection

Storm damage is often difficult to detect. Compromised shingles, siding, gutters, windows and fascia may not be immediately visible. We offer free property inspections and assessment, ensuring that your home receives the repairs it needs and that your insurance company compensates the full cost of the project.

Filing a Claim

Call your insurance company and tell them you’d like to file a claim based on storm damage. Provide any information requested, including the type of damage and the date of the storm. Be sure to write down the claim number they provide. It will prove important throughout the claim process.

Meeting the Adjuster

When the insurance adjuster calls you to schedule a meeting, simply ask them to contact your Ashco-assigned service writer directly. We will represent you as your advocate, building code expert and general contractor, inspecting your home’s exterior with your adjuster and documenting all damage to your property.

Approval and Funding

The first check you receive from your insurance company represents the actual cost of repair or replacement, minus your deductible and depreciation. If your home has a mortgage, this check is issued to you and your mortgage company. When the project is finished, Ashco sends a certificate of completion and a bill to your insurance, which then issues a second check that covers said depreciation. This industry-accepted best practice helps reduce paperwork and confusion for everyone involved.

Planning Build

Your service writer will help you make product selections suitable for your home’s repairs. We work with the largest wholesale distributors of high-grade building materials — siding, shingles and cutting-edge roof repair products — and stand beside our guarantee as an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, a company with more than 75 years of experience.

Completing the Project

We will always work together to complete your project as quickly and precisely as possible, with the least amount of inconvenience to your and your family. When the work is done and the jobsite is cleared, you’ll be able to admire your home’s new renovations.

Invoice and Waivers

Typically within a few days, your service writer will walk through the job with you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with all work that has been completed. Ashco will then issue your warranties and appropriate lien waivers as necessary.

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