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Ashco is a full service national roofing contractor that offers roofing services, siding, roof coatings, maintenance, gutters, and more. We offer the responsiveness of a local roofing contractor backed by the resources and stability you expect from a National commercial roofing contractor. Our success is the result of an unwavering focus on a single, simple guiding principle – treat our customers with respect, and give them products and quality second to none.

Our Expertise

Choosing the right contractor for a commercial project is critical for success. Our professionals assess damages through industry standard and new cutting edge methods. We guarantee your roofing project will first receive a thorough evaluation before any discussion on scope of work. Ashco Commercial Roofing, a commercial roofing contractor, has been providing roofing services nationwide for nearly 20 years.

Ashco Commercial Roofing Services

At Ashco, we take great pride in the people, dedication and professionalism that drives us to new levels of success and excellence in roofing. We average 1,100 projects annually and require the highest standards in workmanship, materials and safety. We provide best practices and are dedicated to customer service earning BBB Torch Awards for Excellence in the cities we serve.


Commercial Flat Roofs

Many commercial and industrial buildings have flat roofing. Typically these roofs are made up of built up roofing (BUR) with a granular cap sheet, single ply or membrane roofing, or spray foam roofing. Built up roofing systems are comprised of multiple layers of felts imbedded in hot asphalt. These roofs are typically finished on top with small pea sized gravel or a light gray granule. Single ply roofing is by far the most popular roofing material available today. Single ply roofing is installed using fasteners or can be fully adhered with industrial adhesive/glue. The two most popular single ply membrane roofs are TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). Spray foam roofs use a two part chemical process; a chemical mix is sprayed onto the roof followed by a protective coating. The protective coating keeps the foam from breaking down due to the UV radiation in sunlight. Coatings can also be applied to existing roofing to extend the service life of your roof.

Commercial Metal Roofs

The three categories that generally comprise metal roof systems for steep sloped roofing installations include structural metal panel, architectural metal panel, and metal shingle panel. Structural metal panel systems are used on steep and low slope roofing. Structural metal panels can be used on low sloped roofs because they act as the water barrier or have hydrostatic characteristics. Most architectural metal panel systems are designed to shed water and are intended for use only on steep sloped roofs. Metal roofs are unique in that they are hail, wind, and fire resistant and come in a variety of available metals, colors and textures. These options include copper, stone coated steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and uncoated galvanized. Painted metal roofs add a decorative look to any roof and have excellent snow shedding properties. Metal roof systems can be designed and installed to increase the energy efficiency of your building, thereby lowering heating and cooling costs.

Commercial Roof Coatings

Commercial Roof Coatings can extend the life of a roof and provide a reflective surface that lower roof surface temperature and ultimately extend roof life. Additionally, coatings provide a monolithic application that can form to irregular roof surfaces, as well as seal cracks and splits in the roof surface. Commercial Roof Coatings are also highly reflective, durable and have excellent weathering capabilities. Advanced liquid-applied acrylic systems can also restore metal roofs and can eliminate minor metal roof problems. Acrylic coatings are made from a high quality, aqueous acrylic polymer that cures to form a durable, continuous elastomeric membrane over the surface of your metal roof. Once applied, it forms a seamless, watertight seal over the entire roof, including vents, flashings and protrusions.

Commercial Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofs

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF or “foam”) roof systems provide a seamless, monolithic application. The roof system has excellent adhesion properties and can be an outstanding roof system where wind uplift is a concern. SPF roofs are applied in a two-part liquid process that dries quickly to form a seamless waterproof barrier. This barrier adds insulation and can be field fabricated to provide taper and slope so the roof can drain effectively. Spray foam roofs provide increased insulation and reflectivity and, among other various attributes, are fire resistant. Once the roof is installed, it is then coated. The coating protects the “foam” from ultraviolet light ray degradation from the sun. The roof coating can be installed with one of many products: silicone, urethane, or an acrylic coating. For added protection and slip resistance, granules can be broadcasted into the roof coating

Storm Damage Assessment

Our value to businesses
As a property or business owner, you know that down time equals loss of revenue, storm damage can cause business delay or stoppage. Hail, tornadoes, ice, snow, and high winds pose a constant threat to business properties and the integrity of their protective structure. Severe damage can lead to a business shut down that can last days or weeks! What you don’t know can and will hurt you, if you are unaware that a storm has made your structure susceptible to leaking and/or mechanical breakdown, your only option is to react to the failure when it rears its head. Ashco commercial offers a proactive approach to business property owners. Property / Business owners do not have time nor do they aspire to monitor the condition of their roofs, HVAC systems, siding, gutters, and windows for signs of storm damage, that’s what we hope to offer to you. Ashco commercial roofing has recognized that small business owners are grossly underrepresented in the damage analysis and restoration market.  We are here to help you along every step.  Contact us today!

Our Professional Staff

Our staff consists of licensed roofers, builders, certified roofing inspectors, and administrators all working for you, our client. We work with preapproved price lists from most insurance companies to eliminate confusion and red tape. This ensures the smooth completion of your properties post damage reconstruction. During the entire process, your maximum obligation is your insurance deductible and/or upgrades.

Ashco Commercial Roofing is a division of Ashco Exteriors. We are one of the largest insurance restoration companies in the region providing superior workmanship from start to finish.

We encourage you to review our status with the state, Better Business Bureau, as well as thousands of local references available upon request. At Ashco, if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. When a customer pays for superior workmanship and accountability that’s exactly what we deliver, in a timely manner with professional courtesy. Hire the best, and settle for nothing less, Ashco Commercial Roofing.

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