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Hanging Holiday Lights on the Roof: Tips for Doing it Yourself With the winter holiday season around the corner, homeowners are digging out their strings of lights from storage so they can decorate the house exterior. Hanging outdoor holiday lights has been a tradition for millions of people in the...

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5 Things Homeowners Need to Know Before Roof Replacement or Repair Once homeowners acknowledge it’s time for a new roof or major repairs, they need all the details in front of them to make informed decisions. Roof projects are big undertakings, time consuming and costly. So you want it done right t...

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Protect Your Home Against Heat and Moisture Problems in the Attic Look up at your roof and you may see several things – perhaps chimneys, skylights or dormers – depending on the architecture of your house. Upon a closer look, you may also notice box- or dome-like objects, or wind- or electricity-po...

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Your Safety is a Priority When it Comes to Roof Replacement and Repair There’s nothing better than a worry-free roof, one that can be relied on to do its job of providing comfortable conditions for occupants living underneath it. The last thing homeowners need is to have concerns about a new roof o...

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Replacing or Repairing a Roof in Winter is Easier Than You Think Homeowners take for granted that their roofs are doing the job they’re supposed to do, that of protecting the house from the top down. Once roofs start showing signs of wear and tear from age or damage from storms, homeowners must mak...

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