Our team is built upon a foundation of invaluable experience, expertise, trust and dedication to uncompromising quality.

Our People

Like many of the world’s most successful businesses, Ashco was built upon a foundation of passionate, highly driven individuals with a strong vision of service to the community.

“Treat people like people, never like numbers. Hire work ethic-oriented individuals who just want an honest chance to succeed, and then follow through with perseverance and commitment… Success will follow, and the rest just falls into place.” – Greg Anderson

Greg Anderson’s background focuses heavily on marketing and the management of high-volume retail exterior sales. One of his primary specialties lies within the scope of storm-related exterior restoration of single-family homes, making him the ideal fit for the Ashco Exterior family.

Prior to joining our team, Greg played an integral role as a partner within a multimillion-dollar insurance restoration company.

His responsibilities included hiring and managing more than 70 sales representatives across America, a task that


created and sustained $8-$15M in annual sales for more than five years. Greg’s passion lies in the human factor — interacting and relating personally with people. His unique skill set highlights the importance of creating and maintaining healthy relationships with both clients and employees. One of Greg’s top goals is to foster a professional environment that provides security and continuous upward mobility to each member of our team.


Jason Jeppesen has always exhibited a powerful drive and natural inclination toward anything pertaining to construction. His affinity for the field encompasses every aspect of the design, build, purchase, scheduling and execution of building projects. This aptitude extends to everything from due diligence of local municipalities codes and building enforcement to stylistic design, the selection of cutting-edge building materials and price negotiation. Jason isn’t satisfied with the completion of a construction project unless both he and the customer are genuinely proud of the finished product. This fascination with all things construction led Jason to pursue more hands-on projects

and a wide range of specialties in the field. He continued on to earn the title of foreman on various crews in numerous disciplines and quickly utilized that knowledge to acquire his own license. After coordinating crews of his own, Jason began to design and build custom homes. He has since honed his craft through the process of land acquisition and community layout design, thereby contributing to local communities and constructing millions of single-family homes in the area.