Once homeowners acknowledge it’s time for a new roof or major repairs, they need all the details in front of them to make informed decisions. Roof projects are big undertakings, time consuming and costly. So you want it done right the first time. Let’s look at five things homeowners should find out before contracts are signed with roofing companies.

1) Location of Pressurized Lines

It’s extremely important for the safety of your home and its occupants to identify the location of all pressurized lines in the attic prior to roof work. If not located, they could be punctured by nails or fasteners, resulting in very dangerous – even life threatening – situations. For more on this, see: Your Safety is a Priority When it Comes to Roof Replacement and Repair.
At Ashco Exteriors, we take pressurized lines very seriously. We’ve trained HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) technicians or certified plumbers do an inspection of your attic prior to roof replacement or repair so that all pressurized lines are located.

2) Types of Roofing Materials Used

The choice of materials used by roofers makes a big different in the appearance, durability and performance of new roofs. Before work begins, understand what they’re using and where it’s from. Red flags should be raised if discounted shingles are suspected as they may be:

  • Leftovers from previous projects
  • Part of a defective batch
  • Not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty
  • Not the color they’re supposed to be
  • Discontinued, making it impossible to match in the future
    Ashco Exteriors has established longtime relationships with two US-based businesses known for producing high-quality products. Owens Corning® is an industry-leading company and accepted worldwide as one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers. We also do business with ABC® Supply Co. Inc., one of the largest wholesale distributor of roofing supplies in the country with a reputation that’s second to none.

    3) How to Get a Residential Roof Permit

    A permit by the city gives roofers an official approval to proceed with construction projects. It must be applied for and issued in advance of any work that plans to modify structural elements of a house, including roof replacement or major repairs. Once the work is complete, final inspections are done by the city to ensure compliance with all building codes. A pass by the inspector also guarantees that roof components are eligible for manufacturer’s warranties.
    It’s our practice at Ashco Exteriors to get the permit prior to the start of the job and mail it to homeowners where they can post it in a place that’s visible from the street, usually on a front window or door. After the work is done, we clean up all trash and debris and haul it away.

    4) If City Codes and Manufacturer Specifications are Followed

    City building codes are sets of rules that ensure public safety, health and welfare, and by law, they must be followed by those installing or repairing roofs. The city inspector will fail or pass the completed work of roofing companies. Failure means it wasn’t up to code and additional work will need to be done. Keep in mind that if you didn’t hire a reputable company, you may have problems tracking them down to complete the job.
    Manufacturer specifications are sets of guidelines for roofers to follow while installing materials like shingles and flashing. For example, if the guideline says only a certain number of nails must be used per shingle, and it’s followed, then the manufacturer’s warranty on shingles will apply. But if not followed, the warranty is void.
    Ashco Exteriors is up on all current building codes, analyzing them and comprehending them fully so there’re no misunderstandings. We also guarantee our workmanship and provide written warranties against failure caused by improper installation or defects in materials.

    5) Whether or Not the Roofing Company and Crews are Insured

    Roofing is one of the most dangerous professions in the construction industry. It’s common for crew members to carry high-powered tools and heavy materials while walking on steep slopes. Things can go wrong in a blink of an eye. Prior to the start of construction projects, homeowners should request proof of insurance from the roofing company.
    It’s so crucial that roofing companies and crews carry insurance that covers both property and people on the property. At Ashco Exteriors, we pride ourselves on putting safety first. We make sure that everyone who steps foot on a roof, from employees to contractors, carries adequate insurance coverage.

    We’re Here for You, Every Step of the Way

    Homeowners can relax knowing that Ashco Exteriors has all the bases covered before roof replacement or repairs start. We’re always available to go through each project, detail by detail, and to answer all your questions.
    Trust the professionals at Ashco Exteriors – we get the job done to your complete satisfaction! Sign up for our free 7-point inspection.